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Rates & Routes


What to do:

1. Email your document and directions with party name and service address- SERVICE@ABSOLUTESERVING.COM

    *if your case is issued out of Iowa and service code differs from Iowa Code- you must specify service methods/codes.  All cases are served to Iowa Code unless otherwise directed

2. We'll confirm amount for service, pre-payment can be made on our website on payment tab, or we'll invoice you if you have an existing account in good standing.

3. We'll confirm it's on our route once payment has been made

4. First attempts are usually the same or next day!  When completed- you'll get your invoice/receipt and the affidavit, if it is e-filed in Iowa- we'll e-file the affidavit of service too!  If we have any issues reaching the party for service- you'll know within a couple of days.


Routine Service - Attempts typically begin same or next day on our routine route, includes up to 5 attempts to a confirmed address on our regular routine routes over a 7 day period

Process Serving routes are  typically 7am-9pm Monday - Thursday, Friday 7am-6pm, Saturday Mornings and Sunday afternoons and evenings as needed/ available.  

Printing Fee is FREE under 30 pages,   Black and white printing is $5 for 30-50 pages, $10 for 51-100 pages, $15 for 101-150 pages, etc.

Flat Rates are charged per address provided by client:. 

  • $55 for  Registered Agent Service to CT CORPORATION SYSTEM- 400 E LOCUST ST, STE 110, DES MOINES IA AND CORPORATION SERVICE COMPANY - 505 5TH AVE, STE 729. DES MOINES- Completed Same or Next Business Day - usually served 1st attempt , pre-payment required on our website for new, out of state and inactive clients

  • $75 for Corporate and Residential Des Moines Addresses in Polk County -includes service made on an adult occupant of the residence 18 + years old per Iowa Code

  • $75-95 for other Suburbs/ Cities/ Towns in Polk County outside of Des Moines (includes Altoona, Ankeny, Alleman, Berwick, Bondurant, Clive, Cumming, Elkhart, Pleasant Hill, Polk City, Runnells, and Sheldahl,  Urbandale, and West Des Moines-Clive-Urbandale into Dallas County)-includes service made on an adult occupant of the residence 18 + years old per Iowa Code

  • $20 Affidavit Fee for Each Additional Defendant/Servee/ SAME Case served at the same time

  • $30 if Separate/ Additional Case  to be served at the same address at the same time/place as first servee (sub-service acceptable) 


       Routines Service- 1-10 day typical turnaround time, includes 3 attempts over 7 day period if address appears to            be current.

  • $95-$165 for Dallas, Boone, Madison, Warren and Story Counties

  • $125- $195 for Guthrie, Adair, Marshall, Jasper and Marion Counties

  • $135-$245 for outer areas, within 70 mile radius of Des Moines, coverage may not be available based on our work load, please see our Statewide Process Server List for other known options.

  • Sit and Wait Service- If the address is good, the servee evasive, and sitting and waiting is requested or required due to the occupants refusing to answer the door, the rate is $85/hr.  This is typically done from 6:30am-9am and 3:30pm- 6pm, or as requested by client.


  • Bad Addresses/ Locate Service-  If a bad address is provided by our client the address fee will be charged.  If we can locate while on our route, the locate fee will be $75  and may be discounted depending on ease of location.  Location fee is separate from service fees for attempts at addresses. If you would prefer to handle your own location search, please let us know in your instructions and we will non-serve rather than locate.

  • Location/ Skip Trace-  Standard location searches may be performed with our Private Investigation search engines, to run our extensive reports there is a $75 per name charge.  Results are not guaranteed, however our success rate is over 90%.  Results vary by subject, and we have better results when the subject has lived at their new address for 8-12 weeks.

  • RUSH Service Available in Local Coverage Area,

    • ADD $40 Standard Rush service - attempts begin same day -within 3 hours, if documents are received by 4pm  

    • ADD $60 Late Rush if documents are received after 4pm and first attempt needed same day. Rush service in the Des Moines area includes 3 attempts guaranteed over 24 hours, with at least the first attempt same day.  

  • ***LANDLORD-TENANT / EVICTION NOTICES are always a priority for us, are subject to rates above if not a rush, if posting/ mailings are required- the cost of mailings is included in our flat rates,  up to 3-5 attempts are made within 48 hours of receiving landlord/ tenant notices, and posting and mailings are completed within this time if no answer at door.

  •  ***FED SERVICE*** Forcible Entry and Detainer Actions are subject to our flat rates above, provided we receive the FED NO LESS than 10 days prior to the Court Hearing.  FEDs received less than 10 days prior to the Court Hearing may be subject to rush fees, rejection, or request for Hearing Amendment. The timeline for service, especially if occupants won't answer door, is very strict and our schedules may not always be able to accommodate your rush work. To ensure the proper amount of time for us to be diligent, please check the "...Plaintiff consents/requests up to 15 days..." box on the Original Notice, then note to the clerk to set out at least 10 days, and more importantly, send to us for service as soon as the Original Notice -FED is approved.​​​

Other services

-Witness Fee Check Advance- $10-$20 - please request specific quote if needed

-Document/ Check local pick up- $20-$60 - please request specific quote if needed 

-Mobile Notary- $30-$50 plus address fee- please request specific quote

-Property condition check- $50 - $150 -please request specific quote with work description

*rates are subject to discount or increase per the discretion of Absolute Serving & Investigations

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